Implant Crown and Bridge

Implant Crown & Bridges

Densu Ceramic Dental Laboratory proudly offers a comprehensive range of Implant Crown & Bridge services, catering to clients in Sri Lanka and internationally. With decades of experience, we have witnessed remarkable advancements in implant dentistry, making It a universally recognized solution for dental restoration.

Our expertise covers a broad spectrum of implant services, from singular implant crowns to Full-arch restorations. Densu is well-versed in designing and fabricating restorations for all major implant systems. We take pride in our ability to provide fast and accurate turnaround times, ensuring efficient support and reliable product delivery to clinics across Sri Lanka.

With a patient-centric approach, we tailor our services to meet your specific requirements. Using cutting-edge digital design (CAD/CAM) technology, we fabricate fixed or removable Dental implant restorations. Our Densu lab utilizes leading materials such as Zirconia, Sintron, Hybrid, and PFM. Employing state-of-the-art milling machinery to ensure superior Quality, durability, and precision for your patients.

We can handle various implant restorations by collaborating closely with implant companies throughout Sri Lanka. Our implant specialist can assist you if you have specific needs or require quotes for restoration types beyond our standard implant works.

Our Implant Crown & Bridge services contain:

  • Single tooth implant crown (screw or cement retained)
  • Multi-unit implant bridge (screw or cement retained)
  • Ti-base or customized abutments
  • Implant Surgical Guide
  • Temporary implant crown (screw-retained for Immediate Load cases)


For any inquiries regarding implant-retained restorations, please do not hesitate to contact Densu Ceramic Dental Laboratory is committed to meeting your specific needs and delivering exceptional implant solutions.

Inlay and Onlays

  • Inlays and onlays are used when the tooth structure is not sufficient enough to place a regular filling and the result is much stronger.
  • The difference between inlays and onlays is that an inlay is placed inside a cavity on your tooth whilst an onlay replaces the cusp(s) (tips) of your tooth. These two terms are often used interchangeably.
  • Densu lab can make Gold, Metal, Zirconia, e-max or porcelain fused Metal.

IPS e.Max

IPS e.Max provides similar characteristics as Layered Zirconia in regards to being highly aesthetic. However, the final product can be achieved with minimal porcelain layering or a full contour stain. IPS e.Max restorations require the provision of a stump shade to ensure the final shade is not affected by the underlying tooth. It is not recommended for bridge restorations as the bridge connectors are not strong enough to withstand force.

IPS e.Max and Zircornia Veneers

IPS e.Max Veneers are favoured over other all-ceramic veneers as they require minimal prep and offer impressive bonding techniques. They produce high aesthetics that consist of natural contours and shade

Dental veneers can be made from Densu lab  VITA SUPRINITY® PC , IPS e-max or Zircornia

Metal Ceramic Crown ( PFM)

Metal ceramic crowns consist of excellent biocompatible alloys covered by DENSU  special VITA VMK Master Porcelain material. These crowns can provide both good aesthetics and strength.

Metal Crown or Gold Crown

Full metal restorations limit bacteria retention with their smooth surface, and are perfect for cases where occlusal space is limited. In addition, they’re well known and recommended for their longevity, durability and versatility. Full metal restorations can be manufactured in either non-precious alloys, semi-precious alloys or precious gold alloys. These alloys vary in price which ensures any budget can be met.

Digital Impressions / Designing / Milling / 3D Printing

Cad/Cam Milling and 3D Printing
NextDent5100, Roland and AmannGirrbach we using Digital Lab
Exocad and Sum3D Communicate Laboratory

The world of Cad-Cam and digital dentistry has changed and improved dramatically in the last few years. Densu Ceramic Dental Laboratory has invested heavily in this new digital market and has taken time to study these advancements in the Dental Industry. We are in Digitalize in Densu 2013 and now we more than 10 years.

Our digital lab can receive files from all intra oral scanners on the market to date. This new technology helps work flow within the lab and assists dentists when taking their impressions and case planning with our laboratory.

Please call us for more information regarding our digital equipment and how we can work together and incorporate our state of the art equipment with your business needs.

We’d also be happy for you to arrange a tour to our Lab Visit inspect the equipment for yourselves.

Worldwide Densu Dental Lab help you design and plan your case.

Please send all Intraoral Scan Files and CC or simply send it through your scanners portal by connecting with

Digital Series with 3D Printed Models

Once Densu has received the intraoral scan we will design the restoration in our CAD software and also print 3D Models. The benefits of printing the models is that our technicians can check contact, occlusion and bite more efficiently to ensure an accurately fitting dental appliance.

Not only that in our Digital Series we can do many more , as below

  • 3D Print Temporary Crown Bridge
  • Surgical Guide
  • Wax Resin Print

Implant works

We provide a full range of dental implant services from singular implant crowns to whole arch. Densu Dental Lab have extensive experiences with the design and restorative fabrication of all major implant systems. With accurate fast turnaround upon orders, Elite Dental Lab provide extensive support and a trusted product delivery to clinics throughout Sri Lanka.

Tailoring specifically to your patients needs, we digital design (CAD/CAM) and fabricate fixed or removable dental implant restorations. Our Dental Implant laboratory sources leading materials from Zirconia , Sintron to PFM and use the latest in milling machinery to ensure high quality, durability and accuracy for your patient.

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