Digital Workflow

Digital Workflow – 3D Design, 3D print and Digital Impression, Smile Design, CAD/CAM Milling System

Experience the power of digital dentistry at Densu Ceramic Dental Laboratory. Our advanced 3D design, precise 3D printing, and seamless digital impression techniques ensure accurate and efficient results. With our CAD/CAM milling system, we deliver high-quality restorations with precision and speed, transforming smiles with cutting-edge technology.

Digital Impressions / Designing / Milling / 3D Printing

Densu Ceramic Dental Laboratory utilizes cutting-edge technologies in the field of digital dentistry, including CAD/CAM milling and 3D printing. Our digital lab is equipped with Industry-leading systems such as NextDent5100, Roland, and AmannGirrbach, enabling us to deliver precise and efficient results. With software platforms like Exocad and Sum3D
Communicate; we stay at the forefront of the CAD/CAM and digital dentistry landscape. Having recognized the transformative potential of digital dentistry, Densu Ceramic Dental Laboratory has made significant investments in this field since 2013. Our digital lab seamlessly integrates with various intraoral scanners, streamlining workflows and facilitating effective case planning for dentists.

Please contact us for more information about our digital equipment and how we can collaborate to meet your business needs. We also welcome you to schedule a visit to our lab, where you can personally inspect our equipment. Densu Ceramic Dental Lab is committed to assisting dental professionals worldwide in Designing and planning their cases.

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Digital Series with 3D Printed Models

Densu Ceramic Dental Laboratory offers a comprehensive Digital Series incorporating 3D printed models. Upon receiving the intraoral scan, our team utilizes CAD Software to design the restoration and produce 3D models through printing. The advantage of 3D printing models is that our technicians can efficiently assess contact, occlusion, and bite, ensuring precise fitting of dental appliances.

In addition to 3D printed models, our Digital Series encompasses a range of services, Including:

  • Temporary Crown Bridge
  • Surgical Guide
  • Wax Resin Print
  • Aligner Model Print
  • Model Print
  • Smile Design

Digital Smile Designing

We use state-of-the-art digital technology to plan and design restorative. Our Digital Smile Design technology allows us to collaborate with you, the dentist, to prepare the restorative process with the patient. This ensures that the desired results are achieved and that there is no miscommunication or disappointment. Our skilled technicians use this technology to create high-quality restorations tailored to meet each patient’s unique needs.

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