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Densu Dental

At Densu, we understand that every smile is unique and are committed to delivering custom-made dental restorations that meet the highest quality standards. Our laboratory combines artistry with cutting-edge technology, ensuring that each repair is crafted with thorough attention to detail.

Densu takes pride in being a pioneer in the field of dental technology. In early 2013, we made history by bringing advanced dental technology to Sri Lanka, elevating the dental industry in the region. This pivotal moment not only revolutionized the way dental care was delivered in Sri Lanka but also set a benchmark for our peers to follow in our footsteps. We continue to lead the industry by providing innovative solutions and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in dental restorations.

Our History

Densu over the years have earned a reputation for importing premium materials and offering our exceptional services nationwide. Today, Densu Ceramic Dental Laboratory is synonymous with outstanding dental restorations and an unwavering dedication to delivering the highest quality to dental surgeons and hospitals across Sri Lanka. Our history is a testament to our enduring pursuit of excellence in dental care.


Leading the industry by delivering exceptional restorations. Combining artistry and technology to create impactful smiles. Renowned for precision, quality, and exceeding expectations.


Delivering superior restorations exceeding requirements. Advanced technology, skilled technicians, and strict quality control ensure satisfaction. Fostering partnerships, transforming smiles, and promoting oral health. Pioneering innovation, elevating industry standards for optimal well-being.

Densu Dental
Team Work
L.D.Emil Neethiraj
Director of Densu Dental
Director’s Message

As the Director of Densu, I am proud to lead a team dedicated to excellence in dental restorations. Our journey began with a passion for craftsmanship and a commitment to providing exceptional services. Over the years, we have expanded our capabilities and established ourselves as a trusted name in the dental sector. We combine advanced technology, skilled technicians, and stringent quality control to deliver superior results. Through continuous professional development and embracing cutting-edge innovations, we strive to elevate industry standards and contribute to individuals’ oral health and well-being.