Densu Ceramic dental lab has been for many years Dental Field in Sri Lanka. We are full service lab that is specializes in high end work. As a quality & service focused dental lab,we use only proven dental technology and high quality materials to create superior dental crown & bridge restorations which keep our doctors and their patient smiling. Our excellent customer relations have given Densu a reputation of the leading dental laboratory in the country. Densu Ceramic dental lab is committed to produce high quality ceramic crown & bridges.The Lab has world-class dental equipments and materials. Our deployed dentist good effort & valuable technical support to our customer satisfaction. We aim to achieve it by Producing Best quality Prosthodontic and Dental cosmetic products and Ensuring best service. Dental Lab gives priority to upgrade materials and techniques Whenever possible.

Latest Services

  • Gynecological Clinic
    CAD/CAM Zirconia Crowns & Bridges

    CAD/CAM Zirconia Crown & Bridge One Unit 

    CAD/CAM Zirconia Crown & Bridge One Unit (German – Zirconia Disk) 

    CAD/CAM Zircornia Veneers, Inlay and Onlays per unit 

    CAD/CAM Zircornia wings per unit 

    CAD/CAM PMMA ( Temporary Crown per unit )

    Gynecological Clinic
    CAD/CAM Lithium Silicate Glass –Ceramic

    CAD/CAM Lithium Silicate Glass – Ceramic – Veneers , Inlay and Onlays per unit

    CAD/CAM Lithium Silicate Glass –Ceramic – Anterior crown or Posterior Crown per unit

  • Gynecological Clinic
    Porcelain Crowns & Bridges

    Porcelain Crown & Bridge One Unit – German VITA Porcelain/BEGO Metal

    Porcelain Crown & Bridge One Unit – VITA 3D Shade System/BEGO Metal

    Temporary Crown Per unit

    Metal wings per Unit

    Ύ Metal Wings

    Metal wings with Porcelain

    Gum Color Porcelain for per unit              

    Margin porcelain for per unit

    Porcelain cases repeat chargers

    Customize Services, Shade Selection Four layering build  up Colors  effect  lines Chroma Trial check

    More  comfortable   service  additional chargers

    Gynecological Clinic
    Implant Porcelain Crown & Bridge

    Burnout Custom Implant Abutment Only – One Unit

    Implant Crown and Bridge Per unit 

    Temporary Crown Per unit

    Surgical Guide plate only (Teeth add as per denture rate)

    Gynecological Clinic
    Metal Work & Gold Work Precious Metal

    Inlays Or On lays Metal Only

    Onlay With Porcelain

    Full Metal Crown

    Gold Crown – Without Gold

    Metal Post Core One Unit Anterior

    Metal Post Core One Unit Posterior

    Metal Wings

  • Gynecological Clinic
    Precious Metal Alloy works

    Precious Metal alloy with Porcelain Crown – with the gold weight rate for crown  (3g to 4g Gold)

    Current gold rate Price

    Gynecological Clinic
    Milling Crown & Bridge Work

    Milling Metal Crown (Survey)

    Milling Crown with Porcelain

    Milling Crown with One Attachment Only (BEGO System)

    Attachment Only

    Gynecological Clinic
    Denture & Acrylic Works

    Repair Heat Cure

    Rebase/Repair Denture


    Full Repair

    Post Crown Acrylic & Jacket Crown

    Existing Denture Each 1st teeth additional

  • Gynecological Clinic
    Valplast Works

    Existing Valplast Denture Addition (Japanese)

    Existing Valplast Denture Addition (English)

    Gynecological Clinic
    Mouth Guard & Ortho Works

    Mouth Guard

    Bleaching, Retainer Tray Upper and Lower

    Special Tray Upper and Lower

    Special Tray Upper and Lower

    Orthodontic Plate


    RME without Screw

    RME with Screw

    T.P.A / LA

    Nance Palatal Arch

    URA / LRA

    URA C Ex Screw

    RME With Metal Frame

    HBA - (Tongue Guard)

    Twin Block

    Functional Appliances

Latest News

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